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::Here’s My Story::

My girlfriend and I had been going out for more than two years. I thought everything was going great. We took vacations together. We spent holidays with each other’s families. We would laugh so much and shared so many inside jokes that our other friends used to claim we had our own secret language.

We were also serious about where our relationship was going. We both wanted children, and had even talked about what their names would be. I had saved up enough money for an engagement ring and was going to present it to her on Christmas.

::But I never got the chance:: : (

One day, out of the blue, she ended our relationship. She said she thought our relationship was getting too serious and that she needed room, and she walked out of my life.

::I was devastated::

For weeks, I could barely gather enough strength to leave the house to go to work. I never wanted to go out with my friends, let alone go on a date. I thought my life was over.

Until one day, I was searching on the internet for something, anything, that would help me. Almost in answer to my prayers, I came across “Magic of Making Up,” by T.W. Jackson, a guide to how to get your ex back. Since it was first released three years ago, this eBook on how to get your ex back has become something of an internet sensation, primarily due to word of mouth.

The step-by-step instructions to how to get your ex back outlined in “Magic of Making Up” are practical, insightful and effective.  For example, Mr. Jackson first asks whether you really want to get back together at all, especially if you suffered through the humiliation of your lover dumping you, like I did.

I found all of Mr. Jackson’s advice about how to get your ex back to be invaluable. Specifically, he taught me:

  • How to give my girlfriend enough time and room to make a rational decision.
  • How to avoid smothering her with harassing phone calls and text messages
  • Ways to maintain my self esteem by not becoming overly apologetic or wimpy
  • How to get my own head on straight by using Mr. Jackson’s “Fast Forward Technique”

Not only was his advice on how to get your ex back helpful, but Mr. Jackson’s refreshingly frank style and entertaining wit kept me engaged in “Magic of Making Up” from start to finish. Reading Mr. Jackson’s book is like getting some really good advice from your very best friend about how to get your ex back.

::It was totally effective!::

And let me tell you, the advice he offers for how to get your ex back is effective. For example, he suggests that before putting in the effort to repair a broken relationship, both parties need to examine whether the partnership is going to last long-term.

Another sensible tip I found valuable for how to get your ex back was to try to move on with your life and meeting new people, and having an obviously good time while doing so. This has the dual benefit of testing the strength of your commitment to your ex, while at the same time making the other person jealous.

::Psychological tricks worked!::

“Magic of Making Up” also describes clever psychological tricks for how to get your ex back you can use to create instant connections with your former lover, even if they are adverse to reconciliation.

Other techniques for how to get your ex back described in detail by Mr. Jackson include “The Clean Slate Method,” in which you are encouraged to become a better, more mature person by wiping the slate clean regardless of prior grievances, real or imagined. “This is where understanding the mindset and focusing on the relationship and not being right or wrong will save you,” he writes.

::Second chance letter was amazing!::

But perhaps the best advice for how to get your ex back for me came when Mr. Jackson described how to write a “Second Chance Letter,” which is highly effective at convincing your ex to give you one more shot. Following Mr. Jackson’s instructions to the “T”, I wrote a second chance letter to my girlfriend.

::That letter worked magic!::

Not only did my girlfriend take me back, but after a couple of months, I was finally able to use that engagement ring I bought. Thank you, Mr. Jackson!

::It works!::

In other words, it works.Magic of Making Up” gives you step-by-step instructions on how get your ex back, regardless of the details of your particular situation. You won’t have to guess about what needs to be done next: Mr. Jackson has already clearly explained not only how to get your ex back, but also why you need to do it, and why it will work.

Not looking for how to get your ex back? It also offers invaluable advice on ways to be the person who ends the relationship, such as avoiding playing games, being brave enough to do the deed in person rather than by phone, e-mail or text message.

The specifics of how to get your ex back detailed in Magic of Making Up has worked for couples whose relationships were sabotaged by infidelities, sometimes multiple infidelities. It even has worked to reconcile couples separated by compulsory military duty or even imprisonment! Now, that’s some effective system!

I could certainly relate to Mr. Jackson’s frankness in acknowledging that chasing after an ex is a sometimes frustrating, uphill battle that might possibly not turn out the way you planned. Although he spells out how to get your ex back in detail, Mr. Jackson also reinforces that all hard work of actually repairing your relationship will ultimately be up to you, a candor I found quite refreshing.

Entertaining & powerful guide to get your ex back!? It’s HERE.

In short, I found Mr. Jackson’s guide to be an entertaining yet comprehensive testament to the power of love, and the commitment some people will make to keep a relationship going even in the face of insurmountable obstacles. His advice on how to get your ex back is sound, his techniques compelling, and his results, without question, are solid. Take it from me, he knows how to get your ex back!

So if you find yourself searching the internet for some really good advice on how to get your ex back, look no further than Magic of Making Up.” It worked for me! It can work for you too! So get out there and get the guy or girl of your dreams back today!

They are waiting for you!

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::How To Get Your Ex Back Help!::